Crate Training

Two and half years later, I can honestly say that crate training was so worth the insanity of the training process.

The day we brought our little labradoodle home, he was 12 weeks old and had not made a peep until it was bedtime. (My brother-in-law honestly thought that he was a mute dog).

And then we put little Louie into his crate, that had his blanket from his breeder, the crate was strategically placed in our bedroom so that Louie could see that we were right there, and we had a ticking clock nearby to mimic a sound of a heartbeat.

As soon as we shut the door to the crate, the guttural howling began. We were prepare for whining and crying, but this sound was unlike anything I had ever heard before. It was heartbreaking and it was LOUD. We were told by our dog trainer, family members, and countless internet articles to tough it out! Whatever you do – DO NOT let the puppy out of the crate, lest the puppy trains you.